About usWho we are

BoozeShop Is an online platform that makes easier for user to locate, discover and get access any liquor stores around their area. BoozeShop shows their opening and closing times and any promotion that they might be having.

What else we offer

The BoozeShop will be offering delivery by outsourcing deliveries to reliable & trustworthy courier service that have affordable price, so no need to worry about driving drunk and dogging alcho-blow, just sit back and chill at the comfort of your house and let the Booze Shop handle your liquor deliveries.

Ever had a problem deciding what to drink?

No need to worry just sit back and let the bartender decide. The bartender is a feature that recommends user what to drink based on their taste, type and age.

Ever wondered how your favourite cocktails are made or how to mix it just right? Well we’ve got you covered, just check out our mixes from our mixes & tips page on how to perfectly mix your drink and if you want to know how to best get rid of your hangover or what drinks to take in case of a stomach we’ve got tips that can really help you with that.

Our Mission

To make the drinking experience easier and more exciting for customers by connecting them to liquor stores around their area and offering delivery to their doorsteps. Also by educating users on how to make some of their favourite cocktails by the use of visual tutorials and on what to do when it comes to curing hangovers or stomach upset.

Vendors don’t need to worry about where to get the next case of champagne or crates of beer because the BoozeShop has a page that connects retailers, wholesalers and distributors together so that business keeps flowing and the drinks keep pouring.

Our Value

Creating Business

To help Ensure a safe drinking environment

Offering Mixology literacy

Educating users on alcohol consumption, hangover cures etc.

Our Vision

The BoozeShop  first plans on connecting customer, liquor stores, distributors and anyone in the liquor business together who are around Nairobi then in due time we plan on expanding around Kenya then finally the East African Region and around Africa.